Staying hydrated! For my face that is..

Product description obtained from the Lancome website:

A fresh gel mask infused with active ingredients to intensely hydrate the skin, leaving it relaxed.
Immediately upon application of the refreshing textured gel, the skin is moisturised. Revitalized by a wave of jellified water, it blossoms, becomes comfortable again, soft, velvety and toned.

How I use it:

I use about a fingertip amount, and work it all over my skin. I make sure to leave out my eyes and mouth of course. Sometimes, I would generously put a little bit more on my face if I’m feeling more drier than usual.

On the back of the product it says to apply on a clean face, and then after a minimum of ten minutes, remove using a warm face cloth. My favourite way of using this mask is to apply it in the shower, I learned this trick from a coworker of mine and it definitely helps!

I finish my skincare routine by using my tonique comfort (to remove any excess makeup, if I wore make up that day), followed by my Genifique serum, Black expert oil, my Visionnaire nuit beauty sleep perfector, and lastly my Genifique peal eye serum.


  • Cream gel formula, and easy to apply
  • You can use a generous amount on the face



  • Not for overly oily skin

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