The Appetites of Girls: Pamela Moses

I’ve been reading a lot lately, and by a lot…I mean buying-a-bunch-of-books-and-trying-read-them-whenever-I-can type of way.

The Appetites of Girls by Pamela Moses

As a quick summary, the book depicts the lives of Francesca, Opal, Ruth, and Setsu and of their journey’s through life and hardships while coincidently meeting one another while in University. Surprisingly, the author achieves the storyline of these four girls in relation to food, culture, and various lifestyles. The food aspect in this book was what brought me into wanting to read this book in the first place.

The use of food in this book is quite subtle. However when you read through the lives of each individual woman, you come to realize the importance of food in their lives. The book starts off with them younger, and then gradually to the point where all of the girls end up meeting one another. It gets interesting once you read about their growth, and of the significance of food. I know it’s hard to understand the concept of food in relationship to the lives of these four women…however, once you’ve read the book, you would grasp a better understanding 🙂


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