What’s shaking?

This bi-phase lip colour is definitely a cult favourite 😉 It’s shaped like a martini shaker, and with a quick shake, you get the right amount of pigment to dab on your lips.

It also tastes good…legitimately..if it smells like mangoes, it’ll taste like it too. Unfortunately in Canada we don’t offer all of the various colours 😥 In the states they have way more!! Currently, I have the Cherry symphony, Mangoes gone wild, and Berry in love. I would’ve loved to try out the blue one..:(

Here more information: http://www.lancome.ca/en/new/collections/spring-2017-collection/juicy-shaker/3614271566843.html

My personal thoughts?


  • Bi-phase meaning it has the colour and oil mixed = moisturized lips 😉
  • Tastes and smells great
  • Portable size
  • Easy To apply with the cushioned tip
  • Great to add on top of other lip colours
  • Gives you a natural look


  • Does not leave a strong pigment, it more or less accentuates your natural lip colour
  • Not a lip stain



And don’t forget it’s still gift time at Lancome! (Free 7 piece with any Lancome purchase of $39 or more!) Exclusively @ Sears.


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