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This was my first time going to the cafe, my sister always mentioned it to me. However, I never got a chance to go inside ahaha. It’s right across from the Safeway on Osbourne, and I never seen it before!

It’s beside another cafe called: Little Sisters Cafe, that’s another place I’d like to try out as well.

As for the location, it’s quiet small, but it has a very cozy type of vibe going on. Definitely perfect for first time dates, or dates in general lol. I ordered the Maple bacon waffle with a matcha float, my sister’s friend ordered the Nutella waffle and white hot chocolate. My sister on the other hand ordered the chocotail waffle with an apple cider float.

I loved the matcha soft served ice cream! Other than these sweets, they also served a variety of fruits for their chocolate fondues. It’s for sure a must try if you have that avid sweet tooth!

Location: 470 River Ave b, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0C8

Food shown: Maple bacon waffle, matcha float, Nutella waffle, white hot chocolate, chocotail waffle, and apple cider float


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