How to deal with coloured hair

I’ve been meaning to post up something about taking care of your hair once you’ve coloured it.

Let me talk to you about my hair journey so far:

I first dyed my hair about a year ago, in one of those mall salons (I won’t say which exactly). I wanted to dye my hair blonde, more of an ombre  I thought I had a good experience, but then as I got home my hair itself was telling me otherwise.

I met my new hairdresser as I was working actually, she gave me her instagram to search up her other works on her clients. I strongly advise for you to check out the previous works of your hairdresser, to make sure she or he can do what you want on your hair!! I failed to do so with the other hairdresser, so I made sure to check out my new hairdressers first.

I’m so happy that I did check her out, and I made an appointment to see her the next day. She did more of an blonde ombre on me first, mostly because I was rather scared to get my roots dyed at first. I was there for a total of 8 hours! Asian hair guys…asian hair. It’s hard to lift the darkness of my hair to be as light as I wanted it to be. She made me stay in her chair until it was perfect. I was super happy with the results!

Here are photos from my first and second session:


For my second session I decided to go all out and do a full blonde! Definitely was impressed with the results. *Note: Everyone’s hair is different when it comes to getting it dyed.

From that point on, pretty much every month I get my hair a different colour!

Here is a collage of all of my hair transformations:

And here’s my hairdressers instagram!

As for keeping up with my hair routine, here’s how I do it. I’ll put it into parts for which hair colour I was during that time!


I used a colour safe shampoo, I didn’t change much in my hair routine. I did purchase a silver shampoo from the salon I originally went too. However I only used it every other wash.


When I was blonde, I had to make sure I didn’t get brassy…Asian hair is prone to get brassy. I was always searching for the perfect purple shampoo that would take away my brassy tones! I stopped using the old salon’s silver shampoo (since I did not want to go inside there again, since I met my new hairdresser)

Here are my faves:

  • AVG silver shampoo/conditioner
  • Schwarzkopf Professional colour stay shampoo/conditioner
  • Schwarzkopf Professional silver tone shampoo/conditioner

I would also use the Schwarzkopf Professional silver toner spray that I purchased from chatters. Hair masks and dry shampoos were also a friend of mine during this time. I used any hydrating hair masks and ask for shampoo I used Living Proof dry shampoo. Blonde was definitely a challenge to maintain. I only washed my hair in cold water, or washed every second day. I would leave the purple shampoo on for as long as I can! I’d finish cleaning up, brushing my teeth etc, before I washed it out. Be careful not to leave the purple shampoo on too long, as it may tinge your hair purple. In my opinion I’d rather have the tinge of purple in my hair, at least I knew it wouldn’t be brassy lol.

Silver Blue/Silver:

It was actually easier for me to maintain my silver hair than it was for being blonde. It could have  been because I was getting used to my new hair routine. I didn’t have to worry much about brassy tones in my hair, I would see the occasional blonde piece here and there. But there’s nothing that a good toning spray or extra indulgence of purple shampoo won’t do. I continued to use the same shampoos and conditioners as mentioned when I was blonde, and the same methods of washing.


My current hair colour as of right now. This colour was the easiest to manage out of the other colours I’ve tried. I loved the darker purple root, and the silvery purple ends! Plus, when my roots get out it didn’t look as obvious as it would have with the other colours I used. My hair routine was more similar to the my silver hair routine. Always washing in cold water though, and I didn’t have to use the purple shampoo (even though I would use it occasionally)

Here are my faves:

  • Kim Kardashian 2nd day hair dry shampoo
  • Kim Kardashian hair oil serum
  • Argan oil
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Colour stay spray
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Spray on moisture spray
  • Label.m shampoo/conditioner

Here’s my hair with flash:


And here’s my hair without flash:


I hope that this post helped those who were thinking or trying to maintain their hair after dyeing it!

Check out my girl Susie Cross if you’re in the area:


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