What’s it like to be home on NYE?

I couldn’t go out this year to celebrate NYE, must be an asian parent thing to do..well depending on the parents that is ahahah. I had a good time nonetheless, even though it started off with just being my mother and I. The picture used as my header for this post is of all the food my mother made for that night.

There was only the TWO of us prior to all of this.

Why the mass amount of food, for only the two of us? You tell me. Good thing my sister arrived later on that night, or else all of that food would look rather sad for only two to eat.

Food shown: Filipino BBQ, baby potatoes, pancit, corn, honeyed ham, baklava, and a bunch of round fruits.

My mother ALWAYS makes sure that we have rounded fruit present during NYE, she tends to be very superstitious during these times. She believes that it’ll bring good luck and etc to the new year. That has always been a tradition in my household, that, and holding money in your pockets before it hits 12.

Oh yeah, and being home before 12 too. She didn’t want to celebrate alone LOL.

Here’s an up close look at the presentation she did ahaha



The events that happened after all the numerous food picture taking led to family game night. Of course not just the both of us, we started playing games once my sister arrived.

We only ended up playing 2 of the 3 games shown, trivial pursuit (Which is rather hard!! Surprisingly my mother won the game LOL), and Sorry.


We all managed to stay up until 2016 was over. I was definitely ready for bed..

And did I wake up feeling different, now that is was 2017? No I didn’t. But then again, it is just the first day 😛

How was your NYE? Any traditions that you and your family/friends do? Comment below!


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