Jollibee Time

Not going to lie..I wasn’t going to wake up early JUST to line up in front of the newly opened Jollibee fast food restaurant. Especially when it was located rather far from my area..

My cousins were able to get extra tickets and offered to purchase some food for us! As you can imagine, we ordered the works: Chicken Joy, Jolly spaghetti, Burger Steak meal, and of course..the Peach mango pie ๐Ÿ˜‰

My honest opinion on this whole ‘hype’ situation is pretty bland. I applaud them for coming into Winnipeg and creating a vast fan base for not only filipinos, but others who are not familiarized with them as well. I did like the items we ordered, I just don’t remember if it was as good as the time I first tasted it in the Philippines.

Would I stand in line to get another taste of Jollibee? No, probably not. Would I return to Jollibee when the hype has died down? Well yes, I’d probably go for it.

If you guys must try one product from the menu, I’d say go for the Peach Mango pie! I loved it. Plus, I can reheat it the next day and have it still crispy ahaha.


Thoughts? Comment below!