Chicco Cafe

This cafe was found nearby our hotel that we were staying at. It’s a cute japanese themed cafe that specializes in parfaits, macarons, and a variety of other sweets.

One parfait is pretty filling, and it’s not your normal parfait either. Depending on your choice, there are a variety of options and toppings (if you opt for creating your own). Ours was the green tea parfait, so no surprise there…it was all green tea related LOL.

They only accept cash at this location, just a note for those who are wanting to try this place out.

Food shown: Green tea parfait (corn flakes, regular mochi, red bean, green tea mochi, green tea ice cream, vanilla cream upside down cake, various fruit, leche flan, and a green tea biscuit.

Location: 1504 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

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