Korean Style: Black Bean Noodles & Kimchi Pancakes

“The present time has one advantage over every other – it is our own.” – Charles Caleb Colton

An oldie, but still memorable. This picture is taken from an actual recipe that I decided to try out with a few of my friends. Obtained from the book entitled: “Quick & Easy: Korean Cooking (More than 78 Everyday Recipes”, unfortunately I forgot the author of this particular cook book…

It did take some time to prepare the ingredients for this recipe, even though the book itself is meant to be easy for new beginners. Mind you, I did have help from my other two friends. It was fun rummaging through the cook book, and finding all of the necessary ingredients. Whenever we lacked an ingredient, we simply replaced it with the next best thing….or something completely different, ahahah.

Food shown: Korean style black bean noodles, what made this recipe was the use of the Korean black bean sauce! You could pretty much put any vegetable, we decided on zucchini (or cucumbers), carrots, onions, garlic and ginger., & kimchi pancakes.

Location: a friend’s place.

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