Stellas Au CCFM: Salmon Benedict

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Extreme cold warning. Temperature at that moment? -21°C with a -29°C windchill, this is Winnipeg weather for you. 

Anyways, back to the photo depicting this awesome Salmon benny. I love the atmosphere, the people there, and more importantly the food that they serve. Stella’s is one of my favourite places to eat at. Tonight happened to be date night for my boyfriend and I.

I usually order either the Salmon in a puff pastry with balsamic rice or the Salmon Benedict (I’ll post up a photo eventually). It’s obvious that in this photo, I decided to go for the benny.

My boyfriend always ends up getting the Provolone grilled chicken sandwich, with whatever the soup of the day may be. Tonight the soup of the day was this Peanut Thai soup, minus the spice.

Note: I also love ordering breakfast foods, regardless of the time of day I decide to order my meal at.

Food shown: Salmon Benedict, Rosemary scone, Soft poached eggs, Spinach lemon sauce & Fresh dill. Sides: Hash browns and Baked parmesan tomato

Location: 340 Provencher Boul

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